Celeste DLC won’t be on time for one year anniversary, but will be free

It’s hard to believe that a little game called Celeste would cause so much of a stir in the game world last year. The game released almost a year ago and received universal praise from critics and players alike.

The developers, Matt Makes Games confirmed that they’re making DLC for Celeste,聽but it will unfortunately not be on time for the game’s one year anniversary on 25 January. Director Matt Thorson gave a bit of insight into what we can expect for the upcoming DLC via Twitter:

So it will be free on all platforms, and will be one continuous chapter. It will also be some of the hardest levels in the game, which says something about the DLC considering Celeste is not an easy game to begin with.

Celeste is currently available on Games with Gold on Xbox One, so if you have the service and haven’t claimed it yet, you better do so quick in order to get hold of one of the must play games of 2018.

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