Hunk and Tofu return to Resident Evil 2

I expect that if you had any sort of interest in the Resident Evil 2 remake that you would have played the 1-shot demo by now. That demo is the exact same demo we had hands-on with at E3 in 2018 and is the reason I could not shut my trap since. I couldn’t help myself and had another go at the demo over the weekend and once my 30 minutes was up I was rewarded with some real nostalgic footage.

At the end of the demo a video plays that shows off what players can expect in the final game, which leads to some classic moments we originally experienced in 1998. However, the return of Hunk and Tofu is likely the biggest deal. To unlock these two modes back on the PS1 you’d have to finish the two scenarios (of Leon and Claire) several times with an A ranking, which would then unlock extra content. I don’t want to spoil too much about Hunk, as it ties in with the main story, but Tofu was in essence just a big chunk of Tofu equipped with a knife, who had a real tough challenge at hand. By finishing each mode you would unlock something in the original game, so we’re hoping the same thing will return once again.

Please Capcom, don’t make this paid-for content and allow us to unlock it in the game for playing well. If for whatever reason you skipped the demo, get a look at it below:

Resident Evil 2 launches on PC, PS4 and Xbox One on 25 January.

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