Rumour: SNES games coming to Switch Online

Just mention ‘Nintendo Switch Online’ and you’re sure to get some strong opinions. A few absolutely love it and stand by it oblivious to any faults. However, on the whole, most agree that even though it has some positives it currently still leaves a lot to be desired. Despite now paying for an online service that was previously free, players of Nintendo games like Mario Tennis Aces (here in SA) and even the Switch’s latest hit Super Smash Bros. Ultimate continue to complain about serious issues with lag and connectivity when playing online. Plus, despite its relatively cheap price (at least when compared to Sony and Microsoft’s offerings), the collection of free NES games only really appeals to retro-game fans. And while, when dealing with Nintendo fans, this is a rather large portion of the population, many are still less than impressed that something closer to the Virtual Console has not been implemented.

While the first issue (regarding connectivity) is more serious and is probably related to a lack of infrastructure to handle online play successfully, the second issue of game limitation may be improving soon. (*Possibly some small spoilers ahead*) While looking through “Nintendo Online’s strings” in the latest update, Twitter user @KappucinoHeck, has apparently found indications that over 20 SNES games could be headed to the Switch including Super Mario Kart, Legend of Zelda: Link to the Past, Super Metroid, Super Mario World, Pilotwings and F-ZERO to mention but a few. The thread then also links to other users including @OatmealDome that have apparently also found 4 emulator types within the Nintendo Switch App – and this could indicate that not only can we expect a SNES collection, but possibly even two more classic consoles to appear in the future.

Be sure to follow the thread below and decide for yourself, but as with all such rumours, we advise readers to ‘proceed with caution’ and a heightened level of scepticism. Adding more classic consoles does at least make some sense especially if Nintendo seem to have the goal of stopping production of their classic consoles, so it could be that these rumours have some foundation, but we’ll just have to wait for some official confirmation.

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