[Update] New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe’s launch on Switch was 56% better than on the Wii U

Update: Some of the numbers were incorrect in the first iteration. It’s not 25%, it’s actually 56% which is quite a significant amount more.

Original Story: Nintendo is slowly but surely transferring all of the big Wii U titles to the Nintendo Switch where they have found some new purpose. Many of the ports that come over from the doomed console have been marginally more successful than their originals which is a pretty funny thing to witness. The Wii U was so maligned that the games that define it do better on another console.

The same thing happened with New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe, which, apart from having the longest name in the world, is the newest Wii U port to see surprising success. The game’s launch day sales are 25% better than they were on the Wii U and if that trend continues, will be another Wii U game that performed better on the Switch.

The reasons why are fairly obvious. The Wii U was a console that many people skipped over and with the runaway success of the Switch, those same people get to experience what they missed out on. I particularly enjoy these ports because the Switch is my first mainline Nintendo console ever and getting to experience these games is a joy.

It’s also surprising that the game managed to outsell its original in January of all times. People are eating noodles out of cardboard boxes at this time of the month, but the game still performed better than it ever has.

Source: Eurogamer

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