Put on your Wiggler hats! Monster Hunter World’s Anniversary event kicks off next week

If you’re a fellow hunter then you’re no stranger to the bright lights and fancy outfits of a Monster Hunter World event. This time Capcom is celebrating the game’s first year, and of course us the players, with The Appreciation Fest!

As with every other event there will be special quests, a festive Poogie and a new Handler outfit. And obviously the Celestial Pursuit will be dressed up to bring the whole celebration to life. And it looks fun!

What doesn’t sound like a lot of fun, though, is the fact that the event specific quests will feature “monsters that have had a whole year to build up a grudge and are ready to unleash their frustration”. I can see a very angry… well, everything in our future. We have not been kind.

While not an awful lot else is known about the event, except for a list of presumably mined data, what we do know for certain is the fact that two special hunts will be available; The Greatest Jagras will see you facing off against a “thicc” foe for equally appetizing rewards during the first half of the event, and My Name is Lavasioth will be burning up the battlefield for the other half.

You will be able to join in the appreciation on your selected platform from the 26th of January, to the 21st of February, give or take a couple of hours due to timezone. Happy Hunting, Fiver!

PS. This means that dear old Geralt will be making his appearance on console during the event. So even more great hunting fun!

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