Celebrate the New Year back in Hoenn

Trainers, get ready to take it back to Hoenn. As of yesterday Pokémon GO kicked off a new celebration for the new year. Pokémon originally released for the Hoenn region will, until the 29th of January, appear more frequently in the game.

In addition, if trainers evolve a Shroomish during this time, their Brelooms will acquire an exclusive move known as Grass Knot. During the event, players will also find that Field Research will focus more on the Pokémon found in the Hoenn region. The Legendary Kyogre and Groudon have returned in Raid Battles. 7km Pokémon Eggs will grant players an increased chance of finding Hoenn region Pokémon within them upon hatching.

New avatar items have been added to the Style Shop, inspired by the villains from the Hoenn region Team Magma and Team Aqua. And what’s quite possibly the most intriguing part of the event is that trainers may be lucky enough to encounter a Shiny Zigzagoon and Shiny Tailow.

In all honesty, the events not really one to write home about. However, for those who missed their chance at the Legendary Kyogre and Groudon, as well as working on their Shiny Pokédex, it’s an event worth participating in.

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