Horizon Zero Dawn Game Director says he’s ‘speechless’ after seeing new Death Stranding footage

Like you and every other Hideo Kojima fan, we’re still puzzled as to what exactly Death Stranding will end up being. So far we know that its main protagonist will hike for kilometers over beautiful mountains, remove painful toe nails and deal with wacky babies… and all other weird things that you generally dream of when your brain has a hard time defragging the nonsense you put into your noggin on a tough day. Hideo Kojima is a special developer that has a great understanding of story-telling, but his team members are masters at pushing any tech.

The Game Director behind PlayStation classics such as Killzone and Horizon Zero Dawn, Mathijs de Jonge, was left ‘speechless’ after watching exclusive behind-the-scenes footage of the latest build.

As you can see, the MD and co-founder of Guerrilla games, Hermen Hulst, was just as ‘impressed’ with the Kojima magic and how he worked wonders with the Decima Engine they provided. To say that we’re a little envious to see what they saw is an understatement, but we’re hoping that we’ll know more about Kojima Productions’ unique title later this year… and perhaps the rumoured 2019 release date. Oh Troy, you naughty boy.

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