Lara adventures into The Nightmare on 22 January

Lara had some difficulties stepping out of the shadows with her last outing. It did not scratch that itch that games of action-adventure fans were craving. Whether it’s become a little bit stale after a third release, or if the change of developers took a step backwards in the series is up for debate. For those who enjoyed it, the new DLC, titled The Nightmare, will arrive next week on 22 January.

‘Journey through Lara’s past in “The Nightmare,” as she faces off against familiar enemies and fallen friends. In order to obtain a powerful and mysterious weapon, Lara Croft must face the music in a brand-new challenge tomb, battle foes who look like but are not like any she’s ever faced, and confront the deadliest enemy of all: herself.’

Sounds quite intriguing, but if it’s enough to draw long-time fans back to the popular series is an unlikely event. Unfortunately there are no videos to watch of the new DLC just yet, but we do have some details on new gear that’ll help you in this particular bit of content. The Fear Incarnate outfit that doubles the resistance to melee attacks and an axe that knocks enemies down easier and keeps them on the deck for longer, will be available for you to equip.

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