Sink your teeth into some new screenshots for World War Z

I’m not the biggest fan of scary zombie games, or any scary game, in fact. Basically, I’d like those nightmare fuel torture devices to please stay as far away from my game library as possible. But sometimes I like to admire (from afar) games that I’ll probably never have the guts to play. World War Z is definitely on that list.

Based on the 2013 film, starring Brad Pitt, World War Z will follow a new set of characters as they navigate through a new story of survival. With it boasting a proprietary version of the Swarm Engine created by Saber Interactive, you’ll definitely feel like you and your friends are drowning in a sea of zombies.

It is a co-operative shooter game, so you will need to team up with three other people to be able to play this game. There’s no word yet if they’ll decide to add on a single-player campaign post-launch. That said, you and your party will experience stories in New York City, Moscow, and Jerusalem in all their gory, visceral glory.

World War Z still has no concrete release date, but it will be clawing its way onto your PS4, XBO and PCs sometime this year. It will, seemingly, only be coming to the Epic Game Store, which is very interesting to see so soon after its opening.

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