Team Sonic Racing roster grows by three

Yesterday, the official Sonic The Hedgehog Twitter account announced three more playable characters for the upcoming Sonic Team Racing (TSR) game, namely: Metal Sonic, Zavok, and Dr Eggman. The apparently 15-character-deep roster will be divided into classes as well as teams (3 racers per team ) and it is clear that TSR will depend more heavily on strategy than its Nintendo lookalike.

It seems TSR will hope to stand out from its competitors with a more co-operative gameplay style. While some have tried an early version of the game and seemed a little unimpressed, let’s hope the delayed release of this game (originally due late 2018) will result in an all-around better co-op experience than some of the early reviewers seemed to have had.

All-in-all, as a big fan of the cartoony kart racer genre, 2019 is shaping up to be a great year for me. Not only is one of my all-time favourite games Crash Team Racing receiving a complete ‘Nitro-Fueled‘ overhaul (due to launch on the 21st of June), but Team Sonic Racing – SEGA’s latest answer to Nintendo’s Mario Kart – is launching on the 21st of May. I’m rather looking forward to both and am excited to see if they manage to pull off something fun and a little different

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