The Elder Scrolls Online is heading Elsweyr in June

ZeniMax Online Studios has confirmed that the next expansion of Elder Scrolls Online is coming in June and there will be dragons. Players will be heading to Elsweyr, the homeland of the Khajit and it will have a similar size to the Summerset expansion of last year.

Dragons will attack in world quests, a new main story questline, a 12-player Trial called Sunspire and the Necromancer class will be added to the game, appeasing the many who have been calling to play with undead things since the game launched.

“The Necromancer Class brings a new kind of tactical play to The Elder Scrolls Online, allowing you to summon the undead and make use of corpses in order to overwhelm your enemies and empower your attacks.
When playing as a Necromancer, you must carefully position yourself and your Abilities for maximum effect, giving this new Class an especially tactical-but-deadly playstyle.” 

Elsweyr is the centrepiece of what is being called the Season of the Dragon, with a year’s worth of content updates all tying together. The next four updates will interconnect, starting with the Wrathstone game pack in February, Elsweyr in June, a dungeon pack in Q3 and a new story DLC in Q4.

Necromancers, dragons and the homeland of the Khajit? This one is pleased.

Source: Elder Scrolls Online

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