IO Interactive is opening up a new studio in Sweden

IO Interactive went out on their own in 2017 following a break-up with publisher Square Enix. It was a great day in the gaming industry to see the beloved developers strike out on their own following this split. They created Hitman 2 completely independently and did a fantastic job with it as well. It’ll be interesting to see where they go from here though and the latest news coming from them spells some interesting developments.

The developer will be opening up another studio in Malmö, Sweden and it seems like it might be creating some new experiences. This is what CEO Hakan Abrak said about it:

We are super excited and proud to announce IOI Malmö. We will expand IOI to join a buzzing game developer community and bring our own unique IOI culture to this amazing town. Furthermore, this will expand our muscles for creating brand-new and exciting endeavours, new universes, new franchise. In other words, IOI Malmö and Copenhagen are one family.

The most interesting part about all this is that IO Interactive is able to open another studio. Hitman 2 didn’t perform that well with sales and I was even worried that the developer might be in trouble because of it. However, they seem to be doing just fine considering the new studio and they’re even hinting at making games that are not in the Hitman family of games. They certainly have the talent to create some new experiences, but we’ll probably not see the fruits of their labour for a few more years. Regardless, it will be interesting to see what they come up with.

Source: PCGamer

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