Seven dumb things gamers do that have no impact on the game being played

We’re all human. While playing any game that immerses you in some form you’re going to react to whatever is taking place on-screen. It’s something you often see with newer gamers, who engross themselves in this new hobby they’ve just discovered, but there are some instances that catch us out, no matter how good a gamer we might think we are. Here are some dumb things we tend to do. I’m sure you’ll relate to some.

Tilt the controller in a racing game

This first entry is something you generally see being done by n00b gamers. Using either the D-Pad or analogue sticks can be too little to help that gamer steer the car or bike around a corner and thus that person twists the controller in the hope that the vehicle will make it around the bend without crashing out. That’s not to say that more seasoned racers don’t ever so slightly do it when things get a little stressful in an online race. Motion controls tried to change that and (with the exception of Excite Truck on the Wii) it’s something that proved there is nothing like a traditional controller or, even better, a wheel and chair setup.

Lean your head around a corner in a first-person shooter

Oh man, if there is one thing I do to this day it’s to physically lean around a corner while playing an FPS game. It happened to me as recently as over the 2018 December holidays. I was typically playing a game of Blackout and spotted an opponent hiding behind a tree, which required me to aim my gun around the corner to pop a bullet into his/her head. Instead I kept adjusting my own head position in the real-world to “see more”. Don’t worry, there are many of us who do it and thanks to the invention of VR it’s something that aids those who have been doing it for years. Finally a format where it actually works!

Whispering in stealth sections

You’re playing a game of Ghost Recon Wildlands and stealth is of the utmost importance. While marking off the various foes using drone, you’re whispering strategic opportunities to your team mates… because ‘the enemy might hear you’. Of course your whispering or talking loud has no effect on the game, but for whatever reason the silence in the game convinces your brain that whispering is the way to go. Yeah, I did just that in Ghost Recon Wildlands recently and my wife looked at me as if I was a complete moron.

Press buttons harder in a fighter

There was a time that pressing a button as hard as you can would make a difference. We saw this in GTA and the MGS games for PS2 and in some PS3 games, when the face buttons were all analogue inputs. In this generation, it has returned to simple digital buttons and by tapping it or jamming your thumb right through the controller – it’s not going to do much different, other than the latter leaving you with sore thumbs. Things can get wild in fighters, like Street Fighter, Tekken and Mortal Kombat, so putting more pressure on those buttons is the logical way for you to deal with the pressure. It’s just that, well, it’s pointless.

Shout at games

OMG, I’ll raise my hand and admit that I’m a huge culprit when it comes to this. This especially happens when I’m playing Tomb Raider and Lara doesn’t react to my inputs. In turn I yell at her and tell her just how useless she is. Of course there’s also a game of FIFA, where things go terribly wrong and it’s time to shout at the virtual players on the field, who quite literally can’t hear you. Nothing beats relieving some of your frustrations, it’s just that you could be yelling at the wall for the same effect. Yes, we are idiots.

Hold your breath when your character is underwater

Any game that involves underwater sections become a claustrophobic mess. Thanks to the typical dampened underwater sounds that kick in as soon as your character submerge, your brain tells you that this is real and that you should too hold your breath in the real world. Hurry Bayek! You don’t have much time left before I too run out of air, grab that treasure quickly! I do that in movies too. Perhaps that’s just me? No?

Jump by physically hopping the character with the controller in your hands

This last point is another entry that is mostly reserved for newer players who are yet to get their hand and eye co-odination in line with what is taking place on-screen in front of them. Instead of just pressing a button to have Mario perform a jump, some people tend to hop in an upwards motion with their hands holding the controller – helping that on-screen character hop over the obstacle. Again it does absolutely nothing and instead is just a recipe to have friends and family laugh at your n00b antics. Don’t worry, we’ve all been there at some point.

Married to a gamer and she kicks my ass at most shooters. If the game is enjoyable I'll play it, no matter the format.

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