Days Gone finally receives a trailer that shows off its potential

Since the reveal of Days Gone it’s been compared to The Last of Us. It’s unfortunate, because the developers are obviously trying to separate their title from Naughty Dog’s behemoth. Last night Bend Studio released a new trailer that shows off just how unique this game is turning out to be.

Think Son’s of Anarchy meets The Walking Dead and you’ll have a rough understanding of what awaits you when it launches exclusively on the PS4 on 26 April. In the new trailer you’ll get to see the landscapes you’ll be visiting throughout your journey. It’s got a very Rockstar-like presentation, with Red Dead Redemption 2 in particular, as you’re shown the various districts that you’ll encounter. You’ll be exploring on-foot or via your bike, encounter Freakers (the zombie creatures) in lava fills and caves, while also keeping your eyes open for enemy camps that host threatening human foes. Deacon St. John will be looting small towns and truck stops. Weather can change up the territory with rain and snow playing its part as another obstacle in your way. Days Gone is now starting to look, well, quite tantalising.

Bend Studio also launched a pre-order trailer that shows off what you’ll get for doing so. However, what it does showcase is how you’ll be able to upgrade your bike’s shroud (defends your bike against bullets and Freakers), gas tank (travel further with one tank) and a nitros upgrade (speed burst) to take on the elements and various threats, along with a unique drifter crossbow.

Expect a series of videos detailing the ins and outs of the game, leading up to launch.

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