Indie games to make your Monday a bit less Mon-dane

Mondays, am I right? There’s a reason why an entire merchandise category exists for them, they really are terrible. And while I know most of us can’t exactly just play games on our work computers, maybe this list will help you unwind once you’re back home.

Now, some of them are free, some of them aren’t but all of them are designed to be an interesting experience. Hopefully that will help you have a bit more fun on your lunch break.

Yet Another Exhausting Day

Aptly named, I know! This 3D platformer will see you crawl through people’s exhausting lives.

Fidel Dungeon Rescue

Do you like puppies? How about rogue-like dungeon-crawlers? If your answer was yes to both, you’re in for a treat with this rewindable little indie game.

Speed Dating for Ghosts

Why not go for some quirky ghost dating on a Monday? That’s sure to at least bring a smile to your face. This weird narrative indie was made by former BioWare employee Ben Gelinas, and Mikey Hamm.


Don’t have enough money to join the cool kids in their Monster Hunter World shenanigans? Play this puzzle game to figure out in which order to use 8 actions to kill the monstruous creature. It’s weird and cute and fun!

She And The Light Bearer

If you liked the fairy-tale-like style of Child of Light, you might like this point-and-click adventure game that relies on art, poems, dialogue, and music to give you a wonderful experience. It’s also fully hand-drawn!


Keeping with the theme of the last game, this little musical adventure puts you in-charge of a cute bard as he goes on a wild adventure! It is a bit pricier than the previous entries, but it looks well worth the money!


Climbing, jumping and discovering the secrets this world holds is the theme for Intertwined. The mechanics are slightly reminiscent of Mirror’s Edge, but with a 1,000 times less stress and wonderfully coloured landscapes.

Marshmellow Day Spa

To top off the list, here is a game that will hopefully mellow out any bad feelings garnered during your work day. It involves hot chocolate, mashmellows and providing the best spa experience to your customers as you can.

If none of these tickled your fancy, then I must apologise for failing you. But perhaps you’d find something more to your liking over on, which is where I scout for most of the indie gems I play. While a lot of them are free, or “name your price”, I implore you to donate to these wonderful developers!

Happy gaming, everyone! And good luck in the week ahead!

I don't really know anything about games. I'm just here for the free food, and to push my feminist agenda.

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