Dusk Diver showcases some more gameplay in new video

This isn’t the first time I write about Dusk Diver, but with each new inch of the game we get to see I start getting more into it. Not that I wan’t before, I just try not to get caught up on hype. The people at JFI Games, however, let their work speak for itself, and I like what they’re putting down.

In a brand new trailer, JFI Games show off new combat scenes, a little bit more of how the Guardians will function in battle, and a bond system that will seemingly influence stats as you interact with others. We also get to meet the last three characters of the game! Take a look!

The three new characters are called Nemea, Boss and Lui Yusha. It’s unclear whether they’re Guardians or just close characters in the game but either way they’re super cute!

As for the Bond system, if Yumo bonds with her Guardians she can gain a variety of skills that go toward increasing her combo chains and effectiveness in battle. Kind of like the bond system in the Tales series.

All-in-all this seems to be shaping up to be a rather enjoyable-looking game!
Dusk Diver will be coming to Switch and PC sometime in 2019.

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