10 PS1 games that could do with a remake

They say it’s good to dream big. Well, this is my big dream list of PS1 games I would love to see remade for a current generation. Considering that for years we never thought that we would ever see a Crash Bandicoot, Crash Team Racing, MediEvil, Oddworld: Abe’s Oddysee, Spyro the Dragon, Resident Evil 2 or Final Fantasy VII remake, it’s clear that anything (ANYTHING) is possible. If there is one generation that aged poorly it’s the 32/64 Bit era. Look at any SEGA Saturn, N64 or PS1 game and you’ll be reminded just how rose-tinted your glasses are. Here are the PS1 games that I would love to see remade from the ground up with current generation tech in mind.


The first two Driver games in the series did some great things ahead of their time. While GTA was focused on a top-down view, Reflections had a full 3D engine for you to explore the open world in. It’s aged exceptionally poor by standards set in modern times, but we would surely not mind another go in Tanner’s world as a driver that have cops just about killing themselves to catch us. They can even include the opening level objective time-based opening level in the car park. Wait… no, scratch that. Just a fun Driver game will do, thanks.

Vagrant Story

If there is a game that many players have overlooked on the PS1 it’s Squaresoft’s Vagrant Story. Thanks to the popularity of the Final Fantasy series it’s just something that flew under the radar for many players. The heartbreaking story kicks off by leaving a lump in your throat and just never lets go. Targeting specific limbs on each character was something unique in a 3D world at the time and if they can bring that special formula back to a new audience I think it might just succeed, though I think this’ll be more of a Switch success than anything else. Oh, did I mention that it ties in with FFXII? Yes, you have unfinished FFXII business you never knew of.

Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver

Oh Raziel, you’ve been let down by your creators in the real world. After your second outing it’s just not been the same since. As much as we would love a sequel, it’s probably a good idea to remake the first game from scratch. New players will be so confused just why Raziel is in the dilemma that he finds himself, so best to explain the story of the back-stabbing bastard that is Kain from the start for a new generation. A current generation remake of Nosgoth can only be a good thing. Hopefully The Avengers game fails and Crystal Dynamics returns to this instead.

Parasite Eve

Considering that this classic action-RPG never launched in PAL territories, that is a good a reason as any that we need a remake of it to be considered. Will it make Square Enix mountains of money? Very, very likely not, but it could do much better than the first game, now that RPGs have become such a beloved genre in the western market. We’ll just have to imagine that The Third Birthday on PSP never happened and then hope it sells enough so they remake Parasite Eve 2 while they’re at it. (I said that this is a dream list, anything goes).

Ape Escape

Damn it Sony! This game was so much fun in the PS1 and PS2 era. The very first game was by far the most enjoyable and, to this day, is a prime example of a game using a controller to its fullest. We’ve not seen the main series since the PS2 days, as I do think the rubbish PSP mini game compilation killed the series. Bring that original back from the dead. The current generation can do with some colourful worlds where a person of any age can play it. You’re just sitting on an awesome IP, do something with it.

Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 2

Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 2 is perhaps not the most realistic skateboarding game ever, but you’ll find a hard time finding any other skating game that is as enjoyable as this one was. Thing is, we saw what happened to that THPS HD remake that a few years back… and it was a little meh. My suggestion would be that Activision goes crawling back on hands and knees and asks Neversoft to reform the team that originally made the series. The world is missing a fun skateboard game that puts realism at the back of the line.

Syphon Filter

Damn it Sony! You again? Syphon Filter was never a GREAT series, but it was a great alternative action game to anything else on the market at the time that was not Metal Gear Solid. I would imagine that Logan would control so much better with current generation specs and the more linear missions could be a lot of fun in a world filled with open-world games (If anything Resident Evil 2 is proof that linear games are still enjoyable). One thing though, don’t change Logan’s running style. *cough*

Silent Hill

Okay, this is the one I likely want the most, but that I’m most afraid of. No, I’m not afraid of the world, I’m afraid of what Konami would do to it. A quick glance at the outcome of the Silent Hill HD Collection and you’ll be well aware that Konami (and whoever they outsource the IPs to) do not give their iconic games the respect it deserves. Silent Hill was a terrifying experience and, thanks to the incredible soundtrack, still is. However, a remake with current tech has my mouth watering.

Final Fantasy VIII

The black sheep in the family, it seems. Have a look at any re-release on any store and you’ll see one title missing – FFVIII. It’s a shame as Squall and his crew brought their own unique adventure that played very different from most other Final Fantasy games. Love it or hate it, the draw system really changed things up and I think a remake could improve on it quite a bit. If the game looks better than those PS1 CG sequences then we’re in for a real treat. If the FFVII remake sells well, then you simply can’t count it out.

Dino Crisis

Of all the games this is the one I believe is the most realistic. Capcom, I believe, will soon realise just how successful a remake can be and will then look at other properties that can go the same route, other than the obvious fact that Resident Evil 3: Nemesis is likely next. In 2019 there is a real lack of dino games that bring scares like Dino Crisis once did. Having a T-Rex chasing you down on a 4K telly could be absolutely terrifying. Please Capcom, you need to listen just a little more, but you’re nearly there.

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