WRC 8 drifts on to all formats in September

Rally games have seen a resurgence in this generation. After seeing the racing genre stalling a bit, it’s good to see so much support for the discipline. The WRC series has generally received the short end of the stick when compared to the great DiRT series that keeps throwing down the challenge year in and year out. Could this finally be the year that WRC eclipses or matches it? It’s looking promising.

WRC 8 is now officially heading to all formats (PC, PS3, Switch and Xbox One) in September. An exact date is yet to be confirmed. It’ll include 100 rally stages that takes place across 14 countries. Team vehicles will include:
Toyota Yaris, Citroen C3 and Hyundai i20. Lower tiered teams will also be supported in WRC 2, Junior WRC and the expected vintage series. The below video shows off just how much it has improved from a graphical point of view.

DiRT Rally 2 will also be launching this year (26 February), so the series has its work cut out to outclass the longstanding and beloved competitor.

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