Kamui Cosplay is making your Anthem cosplay dreams come true

It’s a well known fact that the dynamic duo that is Kamui Cosplay are masters at their craft. They’ve got 10 years of experience under their belt and a multitude more completed cosplays, so it’s no surprise that EA contacted them to build a Javelin cosplay in honour of Anthem’s release.

This isn’t the first time the team has been contracted to build a cosplay based on an EA game. Last year they made an Inferno Squad suit Iden Versio with accompanying blaster from Battlefront 2 to show fans how they could do it at home. Now, they’re back to do the same with Anthem.

They’ve started with building the gun first, the Hammerhead. First Benni modeled the gun in Fusion 360 to make a template for Svetlana, because having a to-scale template makes things a lot faster and easier!

This template will most likely be for sale on her store soon, but you can always go looking online for a rifle that’s more your style. As for what Javelin they’ll be taking on, it seems like the Ranger is the one in their cross-hairs. Since they’ve made a couple of these types of tutorial videos, the mech-suit build is set to be mesmerizing.

They genuinely make things look so easy to do, but it helps if you have some pretty nice materials easily available. Head over to Svetlana’s Instagram to keep an eye out for the rest of the build!

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