A wild Palkia appears!

Prepare to enter a new dimension trainers, the Legendary Palkia has appeared in Pokémon GO. The water and dragon type Pokémon joins raid battles from the 29th of January (today for us here in South Africa) to the end of February, the 28th. Palkia is sure to be a formidable Pokémon so make sure you power up your Pokémon and include Dragon and Fairy type Pokémon in your raid battle teams. Or check out the info-graphic below, compliments of LeekDuck.com.

Originating from the Sinnoh region, Palkia was originally featured in the fourth generation title, Pokémon Pearl. The fourth generation also saw two other titles being released, Pokémon Diamond which hosts Palkia’s counterpart Dialga and was released simultaneously, and Pokémon Platinum, a definitive version of Diamond and Pearl which featured Giratina. Pokémon Platinum follows the same route of the previous instalments in the franchise such as, Pokémon Yellow, Pokémon Crystal and Pokémon Emerald. Pokémon Pearl, Diamond and Platinum were all released on the Nintendo DS.

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