Be careful, Piranha Plant is eating save files in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

If you turn on your Switch this morning you’ll find that Super Smash Bros. Ultimate has been updated with the much-expected new (and bizarre) Piranha Plant character. The update also includes a few tweaks to the balance in fights, but there is currently a more worrying matter.

According to several sources online, the Piranha Plant is causing saves files to vanish. Several people have reported this problem on Twitter. Whether it’ll affect your save file in the same manner is unknown at this stage, but according to most players, the save file disappeared after playing All Stars mode, by playing as the Piranha Plant. All other modes seem to be safe to play, but if we were you we would steer clear of using the new character in All Stars until Nintendo releases another update.

Something similar happened on the Wii U when Nintendo introduced Mewtwo, but eventually patched the issue. Hopefully Nintendo will fix that blunder before it affects other players.

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