Overkill’s CEO blames devs for poor reception of The Walking Dead

In November last year Overkill’s The Walking Dead launched on Steam to little fuss from gamers around the world. The game never sold all that well, neither was it critically praised and resulted in their CEO, Bo Andersson, being fired. In return he’s hit back by stating that the reason the game is in the state it’s in, whereby it left Starbreeze with a massive deficit, is because of the developers.

He did not mince his words in a letter and fired the shots right at them:

Personally though I lost all my money, my family in divorce and my kids custody through the toil over the last 2-3 years working 100 hour weeks for Starbreeze and keeping you devs paid and in the game… With less and less developers willing to put in the extra care in a product it clearly limits the possible result of enough quality in time. This is a new era and I did not leave the old one and adapt in time – my fault. Its ok – its new time

One can understand that the man has lost a lot, but he’s obviously very salty about the whole outcome and taking the fall for the failure of the game. One developer chatted to Eurogamer about the scenario and provided this comment:

He’s really pushing the blame on everyone else but him.

Overkill’s The Walking Dead was scheduled to launch early this year on consoles but has since been delayed to improve the game, without a confirmed date for launch. Starbreeze, who had huge success with Payday and its sequel, is in a whole lot of trouble at the moment and have gone into administration and even had Swedish authorities raiding their offices. Ultimately two people were arrested for alleged insider trading. It’s complete chaos, it seems. To read just how deep in trouble they are, be sure to check out Eurogamer’s report.

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