The Burning Question: What classic game would you like your child to play?

I’m not a dad. However, I am getting older and many of my peers are getting to ‘that’ stage. They’re all married and starting to have a family. As you get older, ‘adulting’ really becomes a factor that affects your video game habits. Time, money and responsibilities become commodities that have to be carefully juggled – often at the cost of time spent with your favourite games. This is even more of an issue when kids come into the picture.

There is something special about passing on your favourite activities to someone else. I experienced this first-hand when I got married. My wife became more interested in games. It became a lot of fun sharing time together falling off Rainbow Road, mismanaging a manic kitchen in Overcooked 2 or making fools of ourselves wildly gesticulating to the beat of the Macarena for a top score in Let’s Dance.

Context and appreciation

Sharing these moments with your own spawn, passing your own love and happiness to the next generation goes even a step further. For a kid growing up with modern games today, however, gaming is a very different experience. We had tank controls, unwieldy 3D camera-views and mad difficulty spikes with no ‘continues’. And while it may be unreasonable to force a child to live through all of that, there’s something to be said about experiencing that one, special classic game the way it was originally intended. The way you experienced it. It’s why any child I have in the future will have to watch the original Star Wars trilogy (IV, V and VI) before hitting any of the latest stuff. It provides context and instils an appreciation for the art.

For me, that game has to be Super Mario Bros. It’s a classic. It’s my fondest childhood videogame memory, and without it – I probably wouldn’t be writing this today. So what’s the classic game you want your child to experience as it was then? It may not be a very good game. It may no longer be your favourite game. However, it made a significant impact on you. This is the game that made you love games. This is your context for the next generation.

Let us know in the comments section below.

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