Civilization 6: Gathering Storm is all about climate change and disasters

The upcoming expansion for Civilization VI: Gathering Storm is about learning how to live together on this blue ball that we share. Besides adding in eight new Civilizations and nine new Leaders, players will have to deal with their own impact on the world around them, and possibly take responsibility for it too.

Some disasters can be beneficial once you survive the initial damage. Floods and volcanic eruptions wipe out improvements, but they leave fertile soil afterwards, ready to be used to make up for the damages. Others are just plain terrible, with no upside at all, meaning your plans will take a back seat as you get your affected cities back up and running.

Strategic resources are now split into Fuel and Material categories, which will become important from the Industrial Era. Unpowered buildings only produce half the yield, and military units will be weaker if they don’t have the correct Material. Some fuels will release extra carbon dioxide into the air, which eventually increases the global temperature, leading to more frequent storms, floods and rising sea levels.

Green technologies can help you fight against the climate change, and a Future Era full of randomised techs and civics will let you work together with other nations to look after our only home, netting influence and friends for the non-militaristic victory conditions.

Civilization VI: Gathering Storm is scheduled to release on February 14, which might cause an immediate climate change in your relationship if you miss you Valentine’s date due to playing Civ.

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