FGV winner is getting goofy – and our weekly wrap up!

Welcome to the mega spectacular Free Games Vrydag wrap-up post! Today is the first day of the month of love and I’m already loving a lot of you. We’re 1/12 of the way through the year already and don’t you dare say that it went fast because January felt like I was living in an alternate timeline of poverty. We made it though and what better way to celebrate than to give some stuff away?

Weekly wrap up!

The most popular news piece of the week was the story about people not finishing their games according to PSN Trophies. It’s something I’ve noticed for quite some time and even planned to write about at some point. People just don’t finish games, but I think we’re all guilty of it. We’ve all started a game, played a few minutes and then forgot about it for years.

Ash gave us a nice feature all about the satisfying moments in gaming. Those close calls, being the last man standing and finally defeating that pesky boss. It’s all about the awesome moments in gaming and I love it.

We surprisingly only had one review this week, but it was a big one with Resident Evil 2. Dawid is our resident expert (eeeeyyyy) so you can fully trust his opinion on this game in particular.

Comment of the week!

This week’s comment comes to us from my old pal Cavie on Tim’s Burning Question asking which classic game you would like your child to play:

While all of us were being nostalgic and sincere, Cavie accidentally stumbled on the clear right answer for what games you should have your kid play. Use them as a sort of high budget gaming slave who will play healer in Overwatch because clearly nobody else wants to. TEAM COMP, PEOPLE!

The winner!

And we once again get to our winner. The one who is walking away with Kingdom Hearts 3. We could see by the entries that a lot of fans entered the competition so we hope the game goes to a home that will appreciate it. The winner is none other than.

Cheslin Pearce

Congratulations to Cheslin for winning this wonderful prize! We’ll be in contact with you soon to get your prize to you. Say hi to Elsa from us. Ask her if she’s “let it go” yet.

Thanks to Megarom Interactive for sponsoring this week’s prize!

What’s happening this weekend?

If you’re ever wondering what the SA Gamer crew does on weekends, don’t wonder anymore! Here’s a little breakdown of how we’ll be spending our weekends:

Dawid: This weekend sees the return of the rugby season, so expect me to watch as much Six Nations and Marvel Rugby League Super Rugby warm-up games as humanly possible. Other than that I’ll be returning to Ghost Recon Wildlands for some co-op alongside my wife and some Wave Race 64 on the N64 for good measure. [Dawid’s entry last week was incomprehensible. It still is. What’s rugby?]

Garth: I have a weekend full of Kingdom Hearts 3, all you can eat Dim Sum and I am about to unleash something absolutely evil on my pen and paper roleplaying group. Loads up Face My Fears again [Be careful of Garth, once he gets a modicum of power he will write an elaborate and winding way to screw you over.]

Charlie: Since Marko wasn’t happy with me getting straight to the point last week, I will try and be a bit more detailed in what I plan for the weekend, so here goes. cough. After experiencing a stressful weekend playing the rather spectacular Resident Evil 2 Remake, and having quite a stressful week in my personal life, I decided to dedicate my weekend to nothing but Persona 5. Sure, visiting Dungeons can be challenging, but I doubt it will come close to the terrifying sound of footsteps stomping around in a Police Station. I will obviously also do the mandatory braaiing thing, as well as watch some Six Nations Rugby which are always interesting and starting this weekend. Oh, and maybe I’ll give the Anthem demo another go to see if the infinite loading screen boss has been nerfed a bit. What else? No I think should just about wrap it up. (Happy now Thabo?) [Eh, I wouldn’t say I’m “happy” at the moment, but happiness is a social construct, you know? Who decided what “happy” is anyway? Can’t we all just get alo… Oh, you asked if I was happy with your response. It was good. Good job. I’m still not happy.]

Tim: This week I travelled back to my 3DS for the first time in a while. Having had the Switch for ages now, I found myself returning to the small handheld less and less and it had been gathering dust sitting on a shelf. Happily, however, a review game has brought me back and it really is a great little system. This weekend I will be pouring my time into the game – so the review should be up early next week. As the Marko-crowned socialite of the group – I will make sure I attend some family/friend gathering too in order to earn our Outside Association XP for the week. [I liked it better when these guys weren’t aware of my presence, it was more fun that way. I’m glad you’re staying on brand this week, Tim, keep it up! You’re also still the only one of us who goes outside.]

Marko: As I was staring at my mountain of video games, I decided to play and finish Titanfall 2 which has been on my list for a long time. I was just in the mood for some runny shooty fun. Otherwise, I’ve started doing exercise using VR and using Beat Saber to work up a lot of sweat. Also, yeah, I play on Expert and it’s hilarious to see me dancing around my living room.

And there we go, another week in the books and another month to look forward to. We have a surprising amount of games coming our way and a lot of them are going to have their make-or-break moment when they release. It’s going to be interesting to watch and we’ll be there to deliver snarky commentary or sit awake reviewing the games. Be sure to give us a holler in the comment sections and on social media, we are very lonely people. Except for Tim, he’s living large.

Stay tuned for Free Games Vrydag next week. We have a little something for the VR warriors out there.

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