Crackdown 3 might have two achievement lists

Multiplayer trophies/achievements have always been a right pain in my side and probably every other achievement hunter’s side. It sucks when you invest hours in a game’s campaign to get all of the achievements out of it, but you’re unable to get the full completion because a game’s tacked-on multiplayer that nobody plays just had to have a bunch of achievements that you have to get. Back in the day when I still tried hard, joining boosting sessions wasn’t out of the ordinary and a lot of multiplayer achievements are just unobtainable because of server shut down or the like.

All this might change for the first time since Crackdown 3 strangely has zero multiplayer achievements in its list. The complete list was uncovered by the curious folks over at Xbox Achievements and there isn’t a single achievement tied to the game’s Wrecking Zone multiplayer mode. The wrinkle that gets thrown into this is that Crackdown 3 is releasing as two separate downloads. One for the campaign and one for Wrecking Zone. It’s totally possible that Wrecking Zone will have one while the campaign has its own separate list.

Or, the simple answer is that Reagent Games understand that nobody likes multiplayer achievements and chose to rather exclude them entirely from the list. That is just as likely a scenario and if it’s the case, I’d like to personally commend them for not stooping low and plastering their list with multiplayer achievements. We’ll see when the game comes out on the 15th of February.

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