Experience Groundhog Day’s sequel in VR

Have you ever felt the intense desire to know what it would feel like to live in the universe of Groundhog Day? Yeah, me neither. But Sony went ahead and made a game about it anyway!

It’s not only set in the cinematic universe of the 1993 film, but will continue where it left off in Groundhog Day: Like Father Like Son. As the title suggests, you will be taking on the role of Phil Connors, Jr. who has found himself stuck, just like dad, in a time-loop until he learns some compassion (and probably manners).

The game will have eight hours worth of perplexing puzzles and branching dialogue to explore while you try to figure out how to break the loop. I doubt we’ll actually be seeing (or hearing, rather) an appearance of old Bill Murray, though.

The game will be hitting PSVR and all other major VR platforms sometime this year. Hopefully the developers, Tequila Works, can pull a groundhog out of a hat, and make this an unmissable VR game.

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