CD Projekt Red to give The Witcher author some additional compensation

If you’ve been following the chronicles of the notoriously difficult to spell author, Andrzej Sapkowski and CD Projekt Red, you’ll remember that Sapkowski was demanding additional payment for his IP. $16.1 million to be exact. Sapkowski initially didn’t have faith in CD Projekt Red or the original The Witcher game, so he sold the rights to his property to them for a flat fee. He also used to be fairly critical about the gaming industry and didn’t see games as art.

Obviously, this all blew up in his face and he ended up getting nothing from the Polish developer as their games were runaway successes. However, it seems an amicable agreement has been reached. According to Polish news site Puls Bizneu, CD Projekt Red has agreed to pay out some money to Sapkowski. Before you get upset, that money isn’t the initial $16 million that he wanted, but just as a sign of friendship, they gave him an undisclosed amount.

It is said that the move was done because CD Projekt Red just wanted to keep Sapkowski happy and it would make sense considering his massive contribution to their successful franchise. Also, that Netflix show is on the horizon and the games might get a spotlight again from people just discovering the series. Also, don’t forget that they have their Gwent line of games that are still ongoing so they’re definitely not done with Sapkowski’s property. I’m glad that an artist got compensation for his work, but this could have all been avoided of Sapkowski wasn’t such a disgruntled old man about the whole affair and gave CD Projekt Red the same respect that they obviously showed to him with the use of his work.

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