God Eater 3 may grace the Switch

The God Eater series has always graced handheld consoles along with their home console counterparts. However, with the third instalment, the series appeared to be overlooking the handheld console. Or so fans thought.

In a recent interview when asked about God Eater 3 and the Nintendo Switch, producer of the series Yusuke Tomizawa said the following:

“After the announcement, we heard a lot of people saying that they wanted God Eater on portable systems. As I mentioned earlier, God Eater 3 exists on the PS4/PC in the way that it does because we prioritized brushing up the quality. I feel like it’s necessary for us to listen to what the users have to say, including those on the Nintendo Switch.”

While Yuya Tomiyama, producer of God Eater 3 stated:

“There are plenty of people who can’t use their TVs to play games when they’re at home, and we consistently have requests from those people come in. So, we’re cognizant of it to be sure.”

Although this doesn’t affect us here in South Africa too much, I will say that God Eater on the Switch would be incredible. With the success of recent Switch releases such as Tales of Vesperia: Definitive Edition, Dark Souls: Remastered and Dragon Ball FighterZ, we may see it sooner than we think.

God Eater 3 releases this Friday, the 8th of February on the PlayStation 4 and PC. Make sure you check out the grim cinematic trailer below.

Source: DualSHOCKERS

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