Xbox Live on other platforms? GDC session planned to announce cross-platform service

Microsoft is looking at expanding the Xbox Live services beyond hardware boundaries, with a new software development kit. The new SDK will enable Xbox Live integration in PC, iOS, Android and Nintendo Switch titles, should the developer enable them.

According to Windows Central, Microsoft has plans to announce the cross-platform live service at GDC. “Xbox Live is expanding from 400 million gaming devices and a reach to over 68 million active players to over 2 billion devices with the release of our new cross-platform XDK.”

This will mean access to friends list, Xbox Live achievements and multiplayer should developers start using this SDK. So far only games developed by Microsoft Studios have achievements on iOS and Android, but soon many more games will get that charming telltale notification of Gamerscore.

Microsoft is working hard on getting its software services to be platform independent from Game Pass to xCloud. In a world clamouring for cross-platform, Microsoft seems to be backing the right horse.

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