Anthem outlines endgame and ongoing elements

Many games only really get going once you hit max level, and Anthem is one of those games. BioWare is probably acutely aware of the fact that an unfulfilling endgame can wreak havoc on a game such as Anthem, but they seem to be ahead of this and are already detailing what awaits at max level, and content that will keep players coming back for more.

Players will have daily, weekly and monthly challenges, there will be world altering limited time events, and once you hit level 30, three new difficulty levels unlock, with increased chances of better loot. There are also Legendary Contracts to fulfil, as well as smacking those strongholds at the hardest difficulty your team can manage.

Sometimes developers are caught by surprise at how quickly players blast through content, so having something to do once you finish that last story quest and your EXP bar disappears is really important. It looks like Act 1 of the ongoing narrative will launch sometime in March already.

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