Commander Keen’s creators ignored by Zenimax

Commander Keen in Keen Dreams just released on the Nintendo Switch and a Reddit post about it was commented on by Tom Hall, the co-creator of Commander Keen. Some interesting bits of information came to light about the game and why the series just stopped. It turns out that Hall is interested in doing more, but his attempts to contact Zenimax about the rights have fallen on deaf, robotic ears.

Hall says that “Every letter to them has gotten a form letter response. :(“. He even says that John and Brenda Romero also tried and they also got a form letter.

Commander Keen was the side-scrolling platformer for PC gamers in the 90s, with the last game releasing in 2001. Many had been wondering why Keen had been absent for so long and now it makes sense. Hopefully, someone at Zenimax will contact Hall and Romero, or at least work out why their emails were given the generic form response.

If nothing else, reading people thanking Tom Hall for being a part of their childhood is rather heartwarming.

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