Destiny Connect tries to change fate in its new trailer

I’m a bit sad about this game, both because I didn’t really know it existed until now and that it’s only scheduled for release in Japan (for now). But that doesn’t mean we can’t admire it, and the game’s new trailer does make it look rather interesting.

The whole trailer is in Japanese, I know, but here’s the gist of the game: the time in Sherry’s era has stopped flowing, and to get it back to it’s normal ticking self she and her gang need to time-travel (obviously) to stop some people from breaking the clock. Or at least, that’s what I think they said, my Japanese is a bit rusty*.

In this second trailer,however, it’s revealed that her little “gang” is actually made up of her father and his friends. Hopefully she doesn’t get trapped there and become her own mother(?) or some weird time-travel story. But as time-based tales go, unless you know all the sides of the story it’s rather difficult to change destiny. And that’s without all the mechas running around.

Destiny Connect will release on PS4 and Switch on the 14th of March in Japan, with no western release date revealed yet. I think they want to see how this goes first.

*I don’t read, write or speak Japanese. I lied.

Curious about more gameplay? Have a look at this livestream they did of Destiny Connect.

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