Employees of Activision-Blizzard prepare for job losses at quarterly

Activision-Blizzard haven’t had the best quarter and the employees are bracing for the worst. There has been no official word from the publisher of any layoffs, but rumours and predictions have been trickling in since last year.

The atmosphere has been tense at many franchises, like Heroes of the Storm, which lost its esports league and reduced the size of the development team or Bungie and Destiny departing the company. 2018 was a year of cost-cutting as COO Armin Zerza wanted to reduce spending and produce new games.

Many fans of Blizzard have complained about the feel of Activision’s influence in Blizzard titles, as the two companies are supposed to be autonomous, but they share the same executives.

With Destiny gone, a whole department of support staff for that game will likely be under the axe, from PR, marketing, business etc.

In October last year CEO Mike Morhaime stepped down, adding to a growing list of high profile moves in the last year, including Ben Brode leaving the Hearthstone team.

The next quarterly report is due this week, so we will see how much of this was rumour or not.

Source: Kotaku

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