It looks like Spyro might glide to the Switch later this year

We’ve been experiencing some fantastic years of remakes in recent times. In particular, remakes of the PS1 era games. Spyro Reignited Trilogy launched on PS4 and Xbox One last year thanks to the success of Crash ‘N Sane Trilogy. As awesome as it was for many players it never showed up on the Switch, but that could be changing.

A listing went live for a Switch version on Gamestop Germany, which was picked up by a Twitter user:

To add some fuel to the fire of this actually being the real thing, the official site originally had the game listed as a Switch title too, which was subsequently removed.

According to that Gamespot listing, the game will launch in August, which sounds about right if correct. Leaving out one of the most popular current consoles that’s perfect for a younger audience would make little sense. It’s probably just a matter of time until the purple dragon will breathe some fire underneath the Switch.

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