Ni No Kuni is getting an animated movie adaptation in Japan

Another day, another videogame movie adaptation. It seems that every franchise and their mother is getting in on the movie rush and it seems to not be stopping. However, Ni No Kuni‘s movie adaptation is a little different from the cookie-cutter videogame movies we’ve had to deal with. The movie will be completely animated and it has a star-studded production line-up which makes you perk up and maybe consider watching a videogame movie. The movie is being done by Level-5 and is slated for release in Japan sometime this winter.

The movie won’t follow the characters in the games, but rather a new character called Yu, a little boy within the universe of Ni No Kuni. He is joined by his friend Kotona and it’s anyone’s guess what they’ll be up to. As for the production line-up, we have Joe Hisaishi of Studio Ghibli fame who was responsible for composing in Spirited Away and Princess Mononoke. Animation will be done by OLM who has been responsible for shows such as Pokemon and Berserk.

From looking at the production and the fact that this will be fully animated, it might be possible that this adaptation may just be good. It’s unclear whether it will make it to our shores, but I think you can still watch the movie with English subtitles eventually and it won’t surprise me if it ends up on streaming services.

Source: PC Gamer

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