The Burning Question: What video game brought you (close) to tears?

Video games have evolved from simple 8-bit sprites into the amazing story-telling adventures we can follow in the current era. As the years have passed the telling of these stories have improved dramatically through the use of improved graphics, accurate timing of a gripping soundtrack and of course the narrative. By now just about all players would have experienced that one moment that brought them to tears. I have one series that has done that to me in a big way.

Please note: There are spoilers below

I’m a huge sucker for the Metal Gear Solid universe. There’s just something about Hideo Kojima’s way of telling a story that sucks me in and demands my attention. There are two moments in the series that had the ducts in my eyes water up. First was in MGS2, where Emma passes away in Otacon’s arms. The sadness that surrounds the reason why she is so important in his life only reaches him once she’s past away thanks to her chirping parrot, who can’t stop saying his name… meaning she always had him in her thoughts. There is more family drama behind the scenes that add to this moment, where you find out the truth about Otacon and a certain event that happened in his youth. It wasn’t enough to leave me shattered, but the next scene did.

At the very end of Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots, Solid Snake finally meets up with Big Boss (his dad). After years of turmoil the two meet and, in a classic and unforgettable moment, Big Boss pulls off what can only be described as a close quarters combat hug. Snake does not expect it and as a player, it is made up of goose bump material. It’s what follows that hit me like nothing else in any other game. After a close father and son moment Big Boss collapses and sits up against a tomb stone– he’s too weak to stand. Snake lights him a cigar, he takes a puff and then says the words, “This is good… isn’t it?”. The cigar drops and that’s the end of Big Boss. The beautiful scene with the flowers is a reminder what happened with Boss in MGS3, which was another sad moment, but nothing hit me as hard as this.

The reason for it is quite simple – my parents had just recently died (at the time) and seeing Snake losing a parent (two in fact, if you played the game) was just too much for my emotions to handle. I think these type of moments reflect moments that happened in your life, where you perhaps lost a loved one. It’s the reason it might hit home harder for some than others, but I’m sure there is a moment, no matter the scenario in your life, where you’ve been brought to tears or close to it.

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