Audica is a VR rhythm shooter from Rock Band developer, Harmonix

I was wondering when Harmonix was going to enter the ring of VR rhythm games. It seemed like a natural evolution for the developer that has been focused on Rock Band for the better part of a decade. Beat Saber showed us the power that VR games had in terms of rhythm games and I fully expected developers to run with the concepts that the game introduced. Now we finally have the unveiling of Audica, Harmonix’s awesome looking VR shooting rhythm game.

The best way to see what it’s all about is to watch the video:

Notes come flying at you and you need to shoot them in time with the song. Some notes also need to be held while there are rapid fire notes as well. It looks absolutely frantic and like a Matrix scene played to EDM music. The song looks relatively simple as well and I expect it to get cranked to stupid levels sooner rather than later.

It’s such a creative idea to combine two of VR’s strongest genres. The shooting genre which is obviously popular and the whole single stage rhythm game genre that Beat Saber and Thumper introduced. The game will be on Early Access on the 7th of March on PC and there are plans for the game to eventually come to PSVR.

I’m just aching for more ways to look like I’m doing incredible things while also being in a disco.

I am way too tall, played way too many games and I love to write about what we love about games. In the end, I'm just being #Thabolicious

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