Dangerous Driving will have you wrecking the competition in April

If you are a fan of Burnout, this spiritual successor will keep you busy. Dangerous Driving releases on April 9 and is developed by Three Fields Entertainment, which includes former Criterion founders Fiona Sperry and Alex Ward.

Dangerous Driving is all about closed tracks, with 30 courses and a whole bunch of modes to race in. There are Takedown races, Heatwave, Eliminator (last car standing) and Road Rage. Or if you want to put an end to wanton destruction, Pursuit Mode lets you play as the law and stop the people wrecking everything, probably by wrecking the worst of the worst.

The game can be played vs AI or against other players and new cars and abilities are tied to progression unlocks.

Dangerous Driving will be on the Epic Games store, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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