Shoot for the horizon in Pokémon GO’s Twilight Cup

Trainers, prepare your Pokémon battle team for the Twilight Cup. On the 23rd of February, join the local community in Pokémon GO as trainers compete for the top spot in the Silph League community.

Last month trainers participated in the Boulder Cup across the world in their local communities. The tournament saw a total of 20,797 participants across the globe in a total of 1,935 tournaments hosted. The event had trainers restricted to four types of Pokémon, Fighting, Ground, Steel and Rock. Every month a tournament will be held across the world over the course of the month, as a PvP initiative by the Silph Arena. This initiative will be dedicated to challenging trainers in a competitive way, opening up communities to the intricate strategies of building battle teams restricted to 1,500cp, as well as the various Pokémon types.

This month’s tournament, The Twilight Cup, will see trainers building Pokémon teams themed around Dark, Fairy, Poison and Ghost types. Some of these Pokémon include Azumarill, Nidoking, Venomoth and Toxicroak. There are over fifty Pokémon to select from, and with your battle teams being restricted to six for the tournament, and ultimately three for the battle, it’ll be wise for you to take your time and test out different synergies among the teams you select.

Wins and losses will affect trainer’s player rankings on both local and global leaderboards. This may reward players with an invitation to compete at regionals and even the World Championships at 2019 GO Fest and Safari Zone. If you’re planning on competing make sure you check out important information on the Silph website as well as the rules of the arena. Also head over to the Silph map to search for communities close to you. For trainers based in Johannesburg, see details of the tournament below.

Date: 23 February 2019
Time: 13:00 – 16:00
Venue: Bokkie Park, Boksburg (38 Southvale Rd, Leeuwpoort 113-Ir, Boksburg, 1459)
Contributions for Prizes: R20 (optional)
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