Anthem has a terrible questing roadblock, get ready for it

You can’t tell, but he is crying in that suit because he didn’t do any Freeplay until the roadblock.

Many people are already playing Anthem, but the game officially launches on February 22. If you are playing, or plan to play then, you should be aware of a section in the campaign where everything comes to a grinding halt until you do a bunch of objectives in Freeplay mode.

The goal is, probably, an attempt to introduce players to Freeplay mode and get them in the habit of going out there, doing world events and collecting some ember. However, it isn’t done too well and if you were ignoring Freeplay mode in favour of doing the story, you will get stuck at one point with four lists of Freeplay challenges you need to complete before you can continue. It is terrible gating of content, so get past the frustration and start whittling away now so it won’t be a problem later on.

Many of the objectives are easy enough: collect x resources from around the world. Kill x elites. Finish x world events. Kill x with gear and kill x with weapons. But some of them you might not achieve in regular play without making a point of doing them. Here are a few to look out for:

  • 50 melee kills: Go stomp some weak enemies. Actually, just stomp things, your melee attack is pretty powerful.
  • 50 ultimate kills: Don’t just save this attack for the big enemies. Wipe out a few groups of little guys.
  • 15 combo triggers: Be the person that detonates a combo. Either equip yourself to prime and combo and run around solo or find a friend who likes attacks that prime.
  • 3 multi-kills: This one is pretty bad because the game doesn’t explain what a multi-kill is. BioWare defines it, out of game, as 8 kills with a 10 second timeout between each”. Group up some weak enemies, like Skorpions, before wiping them out.
  • 3 Javelins repaired: Find some friends and be the one to revive them.
  • Open 15 treasure chests: This one is probably the one that will hold you back. Treasure chests can be found hidden in the world, in Strongholds and at the end of World Events. The problem with this, until the February 22 patch, is that only the person who opens the chest gets any progress towards the challenge. So go explore Freeplay solo to look for chests and do some World Events and snag the chest first.

Hopefully at some point this quest will be changed. If not, prepare accordingly or you will join a large group of people whose experience soured when they hit this silly roadblock.

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