Episode Ardyn wraps up Final Fantasy XV in March

In March the roadtrip that is Final Fantasy XV will finally come to an end. The final expansion to the game, Episode Ardyn, is scheduled to release on March 26.

If that feels like far too long a time to wait, you can at least watch the prologue short for the DLC, which will help explain how Ardyn started down the dark path that made him seek vengeance.

Episode Ardyn will be the final DLC for a journey that started for players in 2016. Three more episodes were planned, but these were cancelled when Hajime Tabata departed.

Get ready for some tragedy, because nobody starts as a villain, they become that way through bad choices or having something unjust foisted on them. Will this change the way we view Ardyn or make it harder to fight him, knowing where he came from? Regardless, it means more time listening to the amazing voice acting talent of Darin De Paul.

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