You might be showing your real name in EA games

Apex Legends took the world by storm when it launched out of nowhere at the beginning of the month. Millions of players have gotten on the bandwagon, and EA stocks have been having a field day. But it seems everything is not quite as rosy as it appears that EA could have been exposing your real name through your Origin Account.

Origin is EA’s PC gaming client, and any game sold on the platform goes through there. Anyone who plays an EA game online will need an Origins account, no matter if you’re on PC or console though. Randi Lee Harper, founder of the Online Abuse Prevention Initiative found while playing Apex Legends that more and more people were exposing their real names. After investigating, he found that in the Origins privacy setting, a checkbox ticked where it says “show my real name”.

It appears this checkbox is marked like this by default, so it very likely that millions of players could have been exposing their real names without them even knowing. I checked on my Origins account and found it to be ticked as well, knowing that I never would knowingly expose my real name.

Whether this issue effects console players is uncertain as there are extra layers of protection over there thanks to consoles also giving you an option to expose what you want. Either way, it’s worth having a look for yourself, which you can do over here. Also bear in mind that it might be exposed in all Electronic Arts games, including games like Battlefield, Fifa and the upcoming Anthem.

This could have some serious consequences for Electronic Arts since it could be a breach of privacy laws and regulations. If there’s any time of fallout because of this still remains to be seen.

Source: Destructoid

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