The incredible cosplays from Katsucon

South Africa is yet to start its convention season, so we get to look on as countries like America kick off theirs. Katsucon has become one of the larger, and more popular, conventions among cosplayers since its move to the picturesque Gaylord National Hotel and Convention Center. It not only provides cosplayers ample room to run around in, beautiful backdrops for their photoshoots, and 3-4 days to catch up with friends, but it also has become a bit of a party-con after hours. Like, it gets really weird.

While I wish I could say I managed to scrounge up every piece of media available that showcases the amazing work that these cosplayers crunched to get done, there will definitely be some that I missed. To that I say: If you know of any, hit me up! I love seeing this stuff. There will no doubt be more music videos and beautifully edited pictures to come, but for now we have this.

The con featured quite a couple of big cosplay names, but I think the one that stole the show this year was Cowbutt Crunchies’ Deku Princess (Ocarina of Time) and Helgasercle (Tree of Savior). These two really put a lot of work and impeccable detail into their cosplays, and the latter wasn’t even completely done yet. The full version will be at C2E2 later this year!

Photo by @worldofgwendana

From an Egyptian Overwatch, to a Campain Marvel cosplay that included light-up hair, everyone came out to show what they got and it blew me away! But one of my favourites of the weekend? MOTHMAN.

Cosplay by @CorvinJLyn

If you’re wondering when the convention season kicks off for us here in SA, then all you have to do is mark your calendars for Easter weekend! Yes, the weekend of the 20th-22nd of April marks the first event, ICON CGC, which will take place at Emperor’s Palace. This will also be the event where our next representatives for the World Cosplay Summit in Japan will be chosen, so be sure to come and check that out!

If you enjoy seeing cosplays come to life, be sure to check out these videos for even more amazing stuff: Senpai, Juarez Films, Midori-Mokuzai, Bananzers, Bobby Huotari, and Team Ashen.

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