Things are getting Strangerville, population us, in The Sims 4

While some would prefer not to, most of us have enjoyed (if not got addicted to) The Sims series of games at one point or another. There’s just a very therapeutic, and almost cathartic, feeling when you manage a household and see them flourish in their careers and personal lives. Even more so with The Sims 4′s vast array of expansions and cosmetic packs, and now EA is adding one more to the list.

Aliens have always been available in some shape in The Sims series; Abductions, life states, and cosmetic changes have all made an appearance through the years. But it seems like they’re doing a bit of a throw back to The Sims 2 where there was a family consisting of alien-human half-breed children and their parents.

Suit up like a real Conspiracy Theorist, head out and follow the strange weather, odd behaviour and strange glowing things to the answer to this puzzle. The expansion is called StrangerVille, and will be available to purchase on the 26th of February. I think this would make an interesting combo with the Vampires pack!

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