Apex hasn’t killed Fortnite… yet

Earlier this week in our Burning Question feature, Zain asked about the Battle Royale genre. From the responses, it’s easy to tell that people feel strongly about it. It still seems like for many it’s a polar topic – with lots of “I hate it” or “I love it”. Interestingly though, quite a few of the commenters indicated that despite originally not loving the genre – recent forays into the genre (Tetris99 and Apex Legends in particular) have started to change their opinions. While this may be a good thing – the concern is that soon the genre will become flooded. And with Apex Legends, in particular, becoming a bit of an overnight sensation with over 25 million players (2 million concurrent), you’d be forgiven for asking: Is Apex killing Fortnite?

Well, don’t worry too much about it just yet. According to a recent tweet from industry figure, Geoff Keighley, Epic has confirmed that the recent online concert starring Marshmellow held ‘in’ Fortnite hit a high of 10.7 million concurrent viewers. But even more impressive than this, last Saturday (during peak Apex Legends fever) Fortnite hit a new record for concurrent players (on a non-event day) of 7.6 million.

So, um… phew?

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