Celebrate Pathfinder’s 10th anniversary with a Humble Bundle

Art by Godfrey Escota.

Do you like imagining what it would be like to be Galadriel? Does Inigo Montoya strike you as the star of the Princess Bride, and he needs his own show based on his crazy adventures? Then roleplaying is for you! And you’re in luck, another Humble RPG book bundle has been released.

Starting at $1 you’ll be given access to the core rule book, an (obviously) digital version of the beginner box, modules that you can run and a whole pile of books of beasties and extra races. While I know so many of us would prefer physical books for our home games, resident writer Abigail being one of them, the digital counterpart does have a ton of advantages; saving space and money might be the most important ones.

Spend a whole $18, and you’ll get your hands on the Starfinder core ruleset book. It’s like Pathfinder but in space. And if you’re more of a Dungeon’s and Dragons fan, then that’s OK, too. Pathfinder is just like D&D but with more rules and skills named via a Thesaurus. All-in-all, you won’t go wrong with pledging at least $1 and trying it out. It’s for charity, too, so it’s kind of legally mandated.

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