Sony registers another backwards compatible patent for the PS5

Last month Sony registered a patent for ‘CPUID impersonating’, which led many fans to believe that the next console is going to play backwards compatible games when the PS5 eventually does launch. Now they’ve filed another patent that pushes this probability even further.

Yesterday Sony registered a ‘Simulation of legacy bus operation for backward compatibility’ patent. A ‘bus’ in electronic devices is used for the components to communicate between each other and in this particular case it’ll be used to communicate with a legacy application on the device. In other words – to load up games from another or older format via emulation.

Mark Cerny, the architect of the PS4, is said to be working on the PS5 as well and has a long heritage in the games industry. He started at Atari, moved on to SEGA and later worked at Universal to produce the Crash Bandicoot series alongside Naughty Dog. Ultimately, as we all know now, he ended up at Sony and plays a very important part of their development. With this latest news, it’s now just about certain that the PS5 will be backwards compatible. Whether it’s purely digital emulation or includes physical games too, remains to be seen. Until it’s officially announced it’s probably best to not get your hopes up too much (for me that’s too late).

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