EA and Activision Blizzard CEOs find themselves on ‘most overpaid’ list

Last week, a non-profit organisation called As You Sow released its annual “The most Overpaid CEOs” report of 2019. The idea of the report is to point out the exorbitant amount of money the Chief Executives gets paid in relation to the workers and returns to shareholders.

Now, some readers might be disappointed to learn that EA’s, Andrew Wilson is not number one on this list, but he, along with Activision Blizzard’s Bobby Kotick did make it on there, ranking at 98 and 45 respectively.

Kotick gets paid $28.6 million a year, about $12.8 million too much according to the report, and at a ratio of 301:1 to Activision Blizzard’s worker pay. His paycheck received a 92% shareholder approval.

Andrew Wilson of Electronic Arts, on the other hand, received $35.7 million, a median ratio of 371:1. His pay received a 97% shareholder approval and according to the report is $19.6 million too much. As You Sow’s report gets pretty technical in how they get to their figures, and you can go check it out on their website if that sort of thing fascinates you.

Both EA and Activision Blizzard aren’t the worst culprits on this list, but it is quite shocking to learn exactly just how much these CEOs are being paid in relation to their employees, but makes it even worse is the fact that Activision Blizzard even laid off about 800 employees after having one of their most profitable years ever.

Source: Gamasutra

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