Square Enix is letting your Final Fantasy XIV wedding dreams come true

Weddings based in, or around, video games have been going on probably since the recreational activity was started way back in 1972. I have no doubt in my mind that there has been, and probably will continue to be, Pong -themed nuptials. But when does it get a bit… ludicrous?

Late last year Deuxzero, a luxurious wedding venue, announced in a press release that they will be holding Final Fantasy XIV-themed ceremonies! It stated that on Valentine’s Day 2019 they will hold a mock wedding where they will showcase all the original costumes, small items, and some of the dishes that will be served at the reception. And boy, did they go all out!

If that didn’t shock you enough then here’s the real kicker: Naoki Yoshida,
producer and director, of Final Fantasy XIV attended this mock wedding. Among the honoured guests that joined Mr Yoshida were 27 lucky couples that were selected via a FFXIV lottery, and obviously members of the media.

For the ceremony, they really are making sure you get as much FFXIV as you can for the $31,000 you’ll be spending on it. While the press release is long and full of Google Translate English, it all comes down to this: The wedding will run much like the Eternal Bond found in the game, with beautifully recreated outfits, weapons and accessories.

Yoshida as the father of the bride, Masami.

Even though the weapons brandished by the bride and groom here would be enough to make anyone happy, Yoshida in the interview after the ceremony said:

In a nutshell, we supervised very severely and celebrated today, and [the ceremony] is still evolving. Today’s announcement in addition to the weapons we did, we will produce the weapons of your choice every time.

This is a really elaborate, and rather impressively made, way of getting married, but who am I to judge? The bride and groom get to slice an FFXIV themed cake with a massive weapon replica, and I think a lot of us wouldn’t mind that at our weddings?

This whole shebang will open for reservations in the coming weeks, so if you’re interested bookmark Deuxzero’s page!

I obviously don't know anything about games. I'm just here for the free food, and to push my feminist agenda.

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